Thursday, 24 May 2012


This is my first REAL blog and I tend to keep it up and you know post! Well I want to make this blog about my costume making and about my photography. It's so perfect since Anime North 2012 started tomorrow and I'm dressing up and taking pictures while I am there. 

I have seen lots of cosplay blogs and photography blogs but I think why not make both into one blog? I thought that would be fun and interesting to see how it turns out! 

The layout I have now will not be around that long at all! I just wanted something to up now make it less blah and have a little design to it. I have a plan of what I want the blog site to look like I just have to take the time and do it! So the layout I have up now is fine!

Well it is very early in the morning and I have much to do tomorrow to prepare for Anime North 2012! I shall post pictures and things of my costumes that I will be wearing and some pictures I take! 

Signing off.



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