Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Toronto Cosplay Picnic 2012!~

Another update!!!

This Saturday on Toronto center island is the cosplay picnic that I haven't attended since 2009! So it's been a while since I have attended and I heard that it has gotten a lot bigger which makes me very happy! This year I will be at the picnic to meet everyone from a facebook group I help run called the GTA Cosplayers, and its the groups official first meet and greet, so I am very excited for that!

I will be cosplaying (of course!) as Super Girl! Since it took so long to make just the shirt I want to wear it more and also who wouldn't want to dress up as a super hero? So yah I assume I will be the only super girl there at the picnic so I won't be that hard to spot.

I will also be selling my charms there as well! First time people will be able to buy them and take them home, love them as much as I love having them and making them. They range in price but they are not as expensive as some people price their clay charms. I've seen people price a little charm at 5-10 dollars and that's just insane to me! So my charms range from 2-5 dollars, I think that the prices are reasonable!

I still have a lot more work as well to get some more charms done and to finish my Silent Hill nurse mask before the weekend, well I would like too!

Signing off!

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