Sunday, 5 August 2012

ConBravo 2012

ConBravo 2012 was my first time attending and I got to say it was fun at some parts. I mean I didn't attend any of the events or the panels since they didn't appeal to me really, but I met so really cool people and saw some great cosplayers!

I wasn't really on my A-game on taking pictures but I think I got some good shots. Here are some!

Assassins Creed

Female versions of Mario


Zach and Yuna


I also got so many pictures of my costumes and I got some mini shots as well which were fun and awesome! I thank everyone that took a picture of me! I felt like I really did a good job on my costume and I put in a lot of work so my work showed off.

My step mom took this photo before I headed to the con!

I had fun at ConBravo and next time I'm going to be getting a table to sell my charms! So I hope to see some of you next year in the Artist Alley!

Signing off!

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