Monday, 4 June 2012

Video Games and E3


I know this is unrelated to Cosplay and Photography but anyone else watching E3 today and for the next few days?

I'm just watching Microsoft Conference right now on Youtube since I missed it this morning well Lunch time. I've been seeing a lot of bashing on Microsoft...Which is odd since past E3's Xbox is all that people are talking about! But this year fans are not liking it.

Now this is what I was looking forward to seeing, the announcement of Gears Of Wars' new game. This game takes place before Gears Of War 1 and the people who make the game said that they took a survey on characters and just all over about the game, they found out that Baird was the favorite male character out of all the characters. So they is why Baird is the main in this game. But I have to wait till 2013 for this game! A long wait but I can wait!

Now this is not part of E3 but I just got this game and I have been waiting to play this game since the Wii came out. It's been 60 bucks for a long time and I just got this game for 15 bucks! Now I just got to wait another 4 years for the other Zelda to come down in price!

Now I'm going to be tweeting updates about E3 all day and night so if you want to get in on this action just follow me at

Signing off!

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