Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Clay charms!

Well I found another awesome hobby, and thats making cute clay things! 

Michael's has a sale going on and I found a coupon for 50% off ANYTHING in the store.  I saw a pack of 30 clay set for $39.99 and well I thought it was a great deal! So I got it and I started to make clay charms already. I'm going to post some pictures of the clays I got and some of the little clay things I made. I was also thinking of opening an Etsy store and selling some charms on there! 

This is a picture of all the clay that came with the set I got today. I am using a bead container to hold all of the clay.

Macaroon I made I like how this turned out.

Another Macaroon I made, and I'm super proud of the bow it took a lot to make it!

And this little sushi guy with fish eggs on top.

This is a bear brown rice ball, I got this inspired from funkypinkgal on youtube. 

And a very very tiny rice ball.

Then of course something nerdy like a triforce!!! 

So that is all I have for pictures and that for now. But I shall be making some sort of blog soon about cosplay. I have to make weapons for my boyfriend and I for Fan Expo! So there will be a blog on that!

Signing off 


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