Friday, 20 July 2012

Cosplay Progress!

Finally a post about cosplaying!

I finally got the motivation to start working on Supergirl from the cartoon. I wasn't planning on going to ConBravo but I was convinced so I'm going to go!

ConBravo is a convention ins Burlington Ontario which is very easy con to get too, which is a bonus. I haven't been before but a lot of people have been talking very highly of the con and now that I have people to go with...I thought why not? I'm not really sure what goes on at the con but I know I will be cosplaying and taking pictures!

Okay so to my costume! Here are some pictures of the progress!

Detangled my wig!

Messy messy work station!

Sew sew sew!

Iron iron iron!

This was the hardest thing to sew was the black hem...Almost gave up!

Think I have enough felt?

Making the "S" symbol

I think I'm going to redo this part.


I think my costume is pretty awesome!

So yah, those are the progress pictures I have for my costume. The only thing I have left to do is make the "S" symbol and attach it. Sew the cape to the shirt and cut my wig! So there is not a lot to do but I have to get it done before Sunday since I won't have my sewing machine or my sewing stuff with me so I thought to just get it done! Really thing I'm worried about it the make up. Supergirl has winged eyeliner which I am crap at doing...So I'm going to try and practice that, maybe make a tutorial? 

Okay that is all for now! Hope this was a good blog post!

Signing off!

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